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Using the French mortgage monthly repayment calculator

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Buying a property in France requires careful financial planning and a clear breakdown of the costs involved. To help you plan your purchase, we have developed a mortgage and fees calculator that makes budgeting easy. Whether you are about to start the ball rolling on a French property purchase or you’re just considering the possibility, use this simple repayment calculator to plan your finances as accurately as possible.

Please use the mortgage calculators to find out:

  • Your monthly repayments
  • How much can you borrow?
  • Notary fees

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Maximum mortgage amount is subject to a full assessment of your ability to afford the loan, both carried out on the basis of the information provided by yourself in your application and our lending criteria. The above calculator is made available for information purposes only and the results of the calculations made should be regarded as a general guide and may not be deemed or construed as a contractual offer of products or services from BNP Paribas International Buyers. Results obtained by using this calculator are calculated on the basis of the information chosen and provided by yourself. All BNP Paribas International Buyers mortgages are subject to conditions that may be changed by BNP Paribas International Buyers mortgages at any time without prior notice.

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