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Normandy - Picardy - Nord

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The coast stretches for 600 kilometres, from Le Touquet past the D-Day beaches to Mont Saint Michel. It is sculpted by white chalk cliffs and powerful waves. There is even an area of the countryside, golden-green fields speckled with beech and pine forests.

Picardy, to the north, with its wild, unspoilt shoreline, bird sanctuaries and hundreds of paths and equestrian centres, is the ideal place for nature lovers and horse-riding enthusiasts. The ever present sea air which sweeps over both regions tempers winter cold and summer heat. Charming seaside towns, such as Deauville with its famous casino and Honfleur, draw a sophisticated clientele. Normandy offers the international visitor gourmet food, exciting water activities and relaxing strolls.

Page Pays-Picardie

Easy, regular access

The region is well connected by air, sea, road and rail. Regular flights service Caen, Cherbourg, Deauville, Le Havre and Rouen. Ferry travel across the English Channel is extensive, with French ports Calais, Boulogne, Dieppe, Le Havre and Cherbourg serving Poole, Portsmouth, Newhaven, Folkestone and Dover. Rouen is an hour from Paris on the A13 motorway and driving to Deauville adds another hour. The A1 north of Paris crosses Picardy and terminates at Lille, where there are regular TGVs to London.

Charm and grandeur for a range of budgets

Normandy is famous for its"Chaumières", traditional cottages with thatched roofs and thick whitewashed walls. The architecture is varied and you can find timber framed manor homes, shingled villas and elegant stone castles. Property prices in both Normandy and Picardy range from very reasonable to moderately expensive.



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