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La vallée de La Loire, Le Centre et l'Auvergne

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Carved by the Loire, Allier and Dordogne rivers, these regions offer everything from rolling fields to volcanic mountains, sculpted by fire. The Loire Valley is famous for its magnificent châteaux, which line the lush river bank like historical jewels. Central France, which stretches from the Limousin in the west, to the vineyards of Burgundy in the east, is dotted with well known abbeys and charming Romanesque churches...

Auvergne displays nature's most versatile face: craters, gorges, lakes, forests, foaming rivers and some of the best hiking trails to be found. Chartres, Blois, Tours, Bourges and Le Puy-en-Velay grace the gentle skyline with their illustrious monuments and cathedrals. Lovers of France will be enamoured by this vast, rich and unspoiled part of the country.

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Within easy reach

With daily flights from London Stansted airport, regular Eurostar trains from Waterloo station and TGVs from Paris to the Loire Valley and Auvergne, UK residents can quickly reach Tours and the Loire Valley. Once in France, by road, the A10, A11 and A71 motorways lead from Paris directly to Chartres, Blois,Tours, Bourges and into the heart of Auvergne. Travelling time by car varies from one to four hours, depending on the final destination.

Great variety, good value

The types of properties available are as varied as the regions themselves. The Loire valley is known for its beautifully proportioned "manoirs" built from pale limestone with smooth slate roofs. Auvergnat homes are often half-timbered, made from rugged volcanic stone and roofed in red tiles. Simple or grand, often with breathtaking views, the properties in these regions are some of the most reasonably priced in France.



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