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Protect your home

with a high quality alarm and remote surveillance system


The right solution for protecting your home in France from a distance

  • Better than a basic alarm : even if you are absent, you can keep an eye on your property thanks to an alarm system connected to a monitoring surveillance centre operating on a 24/7 basis.
  • In case of a break-in or fire : the monitoring surveillance centre will contact you or alert the person named by you if you cannot be contacted.
  • In the event of forced entry (services included) : deployment of a security guard for up to 48 hours, repairs to make the site secure, site cleaning and temporary accomodation, etc.

The right solution for protecting your home in France from a distance

The surveillance system for your property (appartement or house) situated in mainland France will be managed by our partner, Protection 24, one of the leaders in residential surveillance in France (45 000 clients).


  • Equipment and remote maintenance provided
  • 24/7 remote surveillance by GSM/GPRS phone link
  • Daily cyclical test to check that the phone link is working
  • Costs paid for all telephone communications related to remote surveillance
  • Dispatch of security agent free of charge if a break-in is confirmed
  • Implementation of the initial safeguard measures under our Assistance Agreement if forced entry is confirmed
  • Online digital safe with capacity for 10 documents
  • Remote challenge via the alarm centre’s loudspeaker
  • Smoke alarm : mandatory in all French homes from 2015. This is connected to the remote surveillance system
  • 2 activation and deactivation tags for the remote surveillance system provided


  • 1 alarm centre with GSM/GPRS phone transmitter
  • 1 opening detector
  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 smoke alarm
  • 1 keypad
  • 1 siren integrated with the keypad or the alarm centre


  • Visio Image detectors : This motion detector with image recording only works when an alarm has been triggered. Your everyday privacy is respected. During the day or at night, even in total darkness, it takes a series of 5 black and white photos. These sequenced images are used by the Monitoring Centre to establish whether there is a genuine break-in. In the event of an insurance claim the photos can be sent to you at your request.
  • Info Service Alert : you are alerted whenever the remote surveillance system is activated or deactivated. This means you can be sure you have not forgotten to turn on the alarm when leaving home.
  • Sector cut-off alert : you are alerted whenever the electricity supply is cut off or restored. This means you have the possibility to ask a neighbour for example if you are absent to switch the power back on avoiding potential problems (fridge, freezer etc.).


  • An appointment is arranged with Protection 24 via your mortgage adviser. The installation takes place at least 7 days after subscription.
  • On the day of installation, the technical adviser will come to your home and validate or make any adjustments to the initial diagnostic. The wireless equipment takes less than half a day to install and involves minor work.
  • The technical advisor will explain how to use the system and give you the user manual.
In case of a break-in
Installation of equipment

What if I have a pet?

However big and however well-behaved or otherwise your pet is, we can offer you a specially tailored package. We can even install special “small animal” detectors, if necessary.

In the event of an intervention, will the security team come into my home?

No, they are not authorised to do this. This is why, if a break-in is confirmed the Monitoring Centre warns either you or, if appropriate, your trusted persons directly as well as the police.

If my door is locked, how can the security team check out my home?

You can give us the keys or tags to your door or the entrance hall to your building: when completing your contract select the “keep keys” option or buy a “key safe-box”.

Can I activate the system when I am at home?

Yes, the option to part-activate the system allows you to safeguard a particular part of your home (ground floor, entrance, etc.). The ideal solution to sleeping peacefully at night.

When will the police be called?

The law requires that remote monitoring companies only call the police once a breakin has been confirmed or pay a heavy fine. This is why all our subscription packages include the dispatch of a security guard to the site in the event of a break-in alert.

Why you should keep us updated about any change to your instructions?

Whether temporary or permanent, up-to-date instructions allow us to contact you quickly if an alarm is triggered and intervene as fast as possible. The easiest way to do this is to update your instructions online in your Customer Space

What if I lose the remote control?

Tell us immediately. We can then remotely deactivate it to avoid anyone using it fraudulently.

I am thinking of cancelling my fixed-line telephone subscription?

This may affect your subscription, particularly if you do not have one of our GSM/GPRS remote monitoring options. Check with our customer service department before making any change.

Why choose a GSM/GPRS connection?

By choosing a GSM/GPRS link to the Monitoring Centre, you eliminate the risk of having your physical phone line cut. And you are free to cancel your fixed-line phone subscription without affecting our service in any way. You can also make use of Remote Challenge for greater deterrent effect.

I want to increase the capacity of my digital safe?

Accessible on your Customer Space, the digital safe allows you to protect valuable documents in digitised form, such as your identity papers, wage slips, etc. with a capacity for 10 or 250 documents (depending on the subscription package), you can add storage space directly on line by signing up for one or more 250 document extensions.

How long does my subscription last?

One year from the date on the record of connection to the Monitoring Centre. It is automatically renewed each year unless you send notice of cancellation by registered post with recorded delivery one month before the anniversary date of the contract.

What should I do if I am planning work on a room already protected by a detector?

Careful, do not remove the pieces of equipment as they are self-protected. To move all or part of the equipment contact us.

PROTECTION 24 – société anonyme [joint-stock company] with supervisory and executive boards and base capital of 3,672,000 euros – Trade registry number: RCS 420 127 128 BLOIS – Head office: 628 avenue du Grain d’Or – 41350; Vilneuil, France. PROTECTION 24 holds administrative authorization n° 03-2416 issued on July 4, 2003 by the Préfet de Police of the Loir-and-Cher département. « Prior administrative authorisation gives the company or its affiliate persons no official standing. In no way does it incur the liability of the public authorities ».

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