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Il est conseillé de mettre en place deux types d'assurance lorsque vous achetez un bien en France :

  • Une assurance habitation couvrant le lieu d’habitation ainsi que les biens mobiliers qui s’y trouvent.
  • Une assurance décès et invalidité (totale ou partielle), couvrant le montant emprunté.

Content Mortgage

When your mortgage is granted, you are obliged to take out mortgage protection insurance.

This insurance protects you for your loan and so, in the event of life’s hazards, it enables the outstanding capital or monthly payments to be repaid.

The legislation allows you to select a policy from the insurer of your choice. However, this policy must provide the cover and minimum percentages set out below. They have been defined according to our risk policy taking account of your professional status, type of operation and type of loan.

The percentage insured must be at least 100 % of the capital borrowed, to be split between the borrowers pro rata to the income taken into account when the application is studied.

  Specific criteria for persons in work within the EU(all types of operation and all types of loan) Specific criteria for retired persons and persons in work outside the EU(all types of operation and all types of loan)
Life cover Cover throughout the duration of the loan Cover throughout the duration of the loan
Cover for Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy Cover required without specific criteria Cover not required

In accordance with the legislation, you may take out an insurance policy with the insurer of your choice, before the mortgage offer is issued and up to 12 months after acceptance of the offer.

We have put together a special package with Cardif, a BNP Paribas Company, to provide comprehensive coverage. The relevant application forms are provided by your mortgage adviser who will be able to start to arrange the policy.

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